Idle Worship

A Short film

A short film exposé on the world of Ashley: an online personality turned cult leader, as she is forced to confront her followers IRL.

Idle Worship premiered at Buffer Festival 2017 in Toronto.

Creative Team


Ashley Skidmore as Ashley
and introducing
John Norris as Dan


Stacy Baker
Anatasha Blakley
Brendan Bradley
Ashley Bright
Brian Byrne
Derek Carley
Ashley Clements
Justin Lee Dixon
Jackie Emerson
Jessica Eva Ross
Clint Foley
Megan Gross
Jordyn Gum

Derek Krantz
Lauren Lopez
Robert Manion
Alivia Marie
Jamison Marie
Lily Marks
Aubrie Nestor
Joey Richter
Dylan Saunders
Clayton Snyder
Jacob Sorling
Alissa Wilsey