IT'S HAPPENING!!! So, What Next??


After a month of engaging interactions, ridiculous challenges, team bonding, and heated werewolf games, all culminating in our 18 hour livestream (aka decent into madness), we concluded the Wayward Guide campaign at 122% funded with 2474 backers!! Unbelievable!

The overwhelming support over the course of this Kickstarter has been incredible. Whether you joined the team early, backed in the final days, or simply raised awareness to like-minded fans, we owe so much of our success to your commitment & enthusiasm. Thank you!! It warms our collective heart. Like our previous projects, we are huge advocates of the community that builds around the anticipation, production, and eventual release of the things we do! We're proud to see that The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye is no different and hope you guys continue to converse and connect in the coming months!

Later next week we’ll send out surveys where you can give us your shipping information, t-shirt sizes, add-on selections, and more (plus make any adjustments if your math went a little awry haha). Keep your eyes peeled for those! They're essential in helping us deliver your rewards! Additionally, we've had quite a few of you whose donations did not go through, so check your emails for a message from Kickstarter about how to remedy those errors!

Again, we are massively grateful to have another opportunity to share our next great adventure with you. Lots more to come from The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye!!

With all the love,
Joey, Brian, and Corey

Corey LubowichComment